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Personal Investing

“Security” means different things to different people. For some, it may be an investment program providing a legacy that will extend benefits for generations to come. For others, it may be a nest egg large enough to last through the retirement years. Or perhaps an investment plan designed to support a desired lifestyle or to provide educational opportunities for children or grandchildren. Regardless of the goal, most people need the guidance of financial professionals to succeed.

The financial advisors of Hilltop Securities Inc., and Hilltop Securities Independent Network Inc., assist individuals and families by providing personalized financial products and services designed to address risk tolerance and meet their financial goals.

Through our financial advisors, clients have access to a full spectrum of investment programs and services, including financial planning, asset allocation, the full array of equity and fixed income securities, mutual funds, money market funds, an FDIC-insured cash management account, FDIC-insured CDs, unit investment trusts, annuities, IRAs and corporate pension plans, a comprehensive, fee-based, asset-management platform, commodities, futures and other alternative investments, as well as insurance products to cover life, long-term care and disability.

Our financial advisors are able to combine all of the guidance and advice that customers want with modern, Internet-based tools that provide easy portfolio access.

More importantly, the financial advisors in the HTS network not only have the resources, but also the experience necessary to meet their clients’ needs. They are well-seasoned investment professionals who have helped clients weather all types of market conditions on the journey toward fulfilling their financial goals.

It is not enough merely to chart a course. Building what you value requires both discipline and diligence. We can help.

The financial advisors in

the HTS network are

well-seasoned investment

professionals who have

helped clients weather

all types of market















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